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Sloan Special Finishes

Designed to impress from start to finish.

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The finishing touch to any commercial restroom

Every element in the creative journey is thoughtfully considered as your vision becomes a reality. From the space to the materials, colors and textures, each piece can spark a moment of inspiration.

That's why we've created a range of special finishes for every environment, including graphite, brushed nickel, brushed stainless and polished brass, in addition to our standard polished chrome. Let Sloan put the finishing touch on your commercial restroom design.

Learn about Sloan's proprietary Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) special finish


Lead by design with our new graphite.

Set the tone for modern sophistication. The graphite finish can create a unique, high-contrast palette that's sure to leave an impression.

Sloan is the only commercial manufacturer offering a PVD graphite finish.

Brushed Nickel

Enhance your environment with brushed nickel.

Brushed nickel finish helps bring an element of comfort to any commercial restroom and accommodates a variety of design aesthetics. Because it doesn't show fingerprints or water marks, brushed nickel is perfect for any high-traffic environment.

Brushed Stainless

Refine your design with brushed stainless.

Create a classic restroom experience that won't tarnish over time. The brushed stainless finish hides most fingerprints and watermarks, keeping your restroom clean no matter the environment.

Polished Brass

Make a bold statement with polished brass.

Create the air of high-end style and transform your space with polished brass. This finish is luxurious, warm and will catch the eye of everyone who walks in the room. With a touch of gold, the polished brass finish will elevate the design in any environment.

Polished Chrome

Highlight your design with polished chrome.

A bright finish to create a sleek, clean commercial restroom, our standard finish is easy to maintain and is a practical solution to suit all your future projects.

Finishes for a full range of products.

Choose from our selection of finishes below. Sloan provides a variety of sink, faucet and flushometer finishes to give architects and designers the tools they need to create a room that matches their creative vision.

Listed product are available in stock.
All products are available in standard polished chrome finish.

Fluxómetros Grafito Níquel Cepillado Acero Inoxidable Cepillado Latón Pulido Cromo Pulido
Royal® Manual Flushometer (111, 186) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
G2 Sensor Flushometer (8111, 8186) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
ECOS® Sensor Flushometer (8111, 8186) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
SOLIS® Sensor Flushometer (8111, 8186) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Royal Optima® ESS Hardwired Flushometer (111, 1186) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
CX Manual Flushometer (158, 198) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
CX Sensor Flushometer (8158, 8198) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
EFX-250 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
EAF-250 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
EAF-275 No Yes Yes Yes Yes
EAF-350 * Yes Yes* Yes* Yes* Yes
EBF-650 / ETF-600 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Despachadores de Jabón
ESD-400 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
ESD-500 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
ESD-600 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
ESD-2000 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Deck-mounted Hand Dryers
BASYS® Hand Dryer (for AER-DEC® only) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wall-mounted Hand Dryers Grafito Níquel Cepillado Matte White Polished White Cromo Pulido
EHD-501 / EHD-502 / EHD-501-ECO / EHD-502-ECO Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
EHD-701 / EHD-702 No Yes No Yes No

* Available October 2019

Additional Sloan products not listed can be made with a special finish.
Contact your Sloan rep to learn more 800.982.5839.