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Fluxómetro TruFlush

Un fluxómetro innovador para el mercado global.

Making a world of difference.

Commercial restrooms around the globe are flushing large amounts of water down the drain. The commonly used valve simply opens and closes, wasting water with every flush. As the leader in commercial water efficiency and pioneer of the original flushometer in 1906, it’s only natural that we aid in solving this global issue of water scarcity. Our design and engineering teams went to work to develop an innovative global flushometer. The Sloan TruFlush Flushometer is an attractive and reliable concealed flushometer that is simple to install, easy to maintain, and perfect for any commercial application.

Designed and engineered for global commercial restrooms.

Sloan’s innovative engineering, quality materials and expert workmanship produce a flushometer you can count on for years to come. Install the TruFlush Flushometer in any environment and see the savings. Water savings and flood prevention Accuracy with any water pressure Multiple methods of activation Beautifully designed and built to last

Activation Options

The TruFlush Flushometer comes in two activation options, manual and sensor.

Manual Flushometer
Manual easy to push button activation for simple control.

Sensor Flushometer
Advanced infrared technology that delivers hygienic, hands-free performance.


Polished Chrome

Brushed Stainless

In India only, valves and wall plates are sold separately. Contact for more information.

Brushed Stainless (SF) finish available for select international markets.

Anatomy of the TruFlush Flushometer.

See Sloan’s revolutionary patent-pending technology.

  1. Placa de Pared y Botón

    El diseño de la placa de pared cromada es elegante, sencillo, antivandalismo y hecho para durar.

  2. Soporte

    El soporte es fácil de instalar necesitando sólo tres tornillos para montaje.

  3. Anillo de Seguridad

    Durante el mantenimiento e instalación, el anillo de seguridad bloquea firmemente los componentes internos en su lugar.

  4. Ensamble de Activación

    El ensamble de activación se utiliza para ajustar el índice de flujo de agua y es de fácil acceso a través de la placa de pared.

  5. Pistón

    La comprobada tecnología de pistón de Sloan es el corazón del fluxómetro y controla con exactitud el volumen de descarga.

  6. Cuerpo de la Válvula

    El cuerpo de la válvula de latón para servicio pesado y resistente a la corrosión aloja los componentes internos y trabaja con una variedad de conexiones de descarga.

Easy to install. Easy to maintain.

Installation and maintenance of the TruFlush is simple, with the ability to shut off water and replace parts in minutes, all through the wall plate.

Instalación de TruFlush

Mantenimiento de TruFlush

Descargar su Línea de Agua

Learn more about the TruFlush.

View the brochure or contact Sloan for more information.