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Programmed Water Technologies

Equal parts water control and conservation.

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The most advanced way to control and conserve water

PWT is a system that monitors and controls water usage in institutional restrooms. It is designed to minimize water abuse by controlling the length of showers and the number of flushes in a given time period through PWT’s highly configurable components.

What you can do with PWT

Reduced Water Usage

Visualize and control every ounce of water that flows through your facility.

Reduce Cost

Adjust water usage for every fixture and start saving on water bills.

Reduce Risk

All our PWT products are designed to minimize vandalism and tampering.

Perfect for any setting

Control every facet of your water usage for maximum efficiency across all your fixtures. Our water management systems make it easy with pre-set conservation standards and timing options that help deter water misuse and vandalism where common.
  • Prisons and Correctional Facilities

    Our tamper-resistant designs keep your facilities clean while keeping your inmates safe.

  • Behavioral Health Facilities

  • Hospitals

  • Educational Facilities

  • Sport Facilities

  • More Applications

PWT Components

Choose from a variety of networkable components that offer different levels of security, control, and scalability. We can work with you to create a system that meets your needs — from control of just toilet activations to a complete solution monitored and managed by the PWT Management Console software.
View PWT components
Front-of-wall Components Behind-the-wall Components Management Console Shower Line Components Toilet Line Components

Control the flow like never before

Our user-friendly PWT System software gives you access to every fixture and the data to keep them running smoothly.
UI manage

Manage your facility

Review water usage data and product status in real-time from our easy-to-use interface. Our management software puts you in control of a wide array of variables.

  • Length of shower time
  • Number of toilet activations
  • Hourly limits on flushometer activations

Track system alerts

Use our management software to review system alerts in real time to curtail vandalism and misuse. And if issues arise that require shutting off the water, our interface allows for localized valve closures at the touch of a button.

  • Address system alerts faster
  • Control the flow of every fixture
  • View report history per device
UI track
ui report

View and create reports

Get smart about your water usage with all the details you need to refine how your facility interacts with your fixtures. Our water management software offers granular data to track usage over time so you have the insights you need to adjust settings as required.

  • Generate comprehensive water usage reports
  • Modify reports to see usage by location, fixture, or time
  • Get ahead of long-term usage issues before they become expensive

Big projects can see up to 35% water savings

Facilities outfitted with Sloan’s PWT Systems report an average reduction in water usage of 35%. Using our software, most facilities see a 3- to 5-year return on investment.

Water Consumption (gallons) over 4 year period

30.06 Million

without PWT

12.48 Million

with PWT


water reduction

Wastewater Flow (gallons) over 4 year period

29.01 Million

without PWT

16.04 Million

with PWT


water reduction

Field tested and proven to work at any scale

Our PWT system is easily scalable to any size application so you can efficiently manage your facility’s fixtures and their data.
Reduce water

Susanville, Ca

Corcoran / High Desert Prisons

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Reduce cost

Fairfield, Ca

Stanton Correctional Facility

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Reduce risk

Caldwell, Oh

Nobel Correctional Institution

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Calculate your savings

Find out how much water you facility can save using PWT Components with our sustainability calculator. View calculator

PWT, a complete solution for managed water systems.

Learn how PWT can help you take control of the water in your facility.
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