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Ready to wow.

Sloan’s latest water-saving innovations put the razzle dazzle in front of you.

Sloan Gravity Toilets

Our new Gravity Toilets with Centriflo® technology are thoughtfully designed and engineered for greater hygiene.

Mobile Restroom

Sloan Mobile Restroom

Our Mobile Restrooms bring clean, comfortable restrooms anywhere accessible by vehicles.

Sloan Touch-free

Sloan Touch-free

Find the right products to upgrade from manual to sensor touch-free.

Sloan Hand Dryers

Completely overhauled to be faster, quieter, and more energy efficient.

Soap Dispensers

Design your restroom with soap dispensers that perfectly match our most popular faucets.

BASYS® Faucet

Brains, beauty and versatility to boot. Say hello to the future of faucets.