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Sloan products made to inspire the restrooms of today.

Sloan products are built for the real world. From schools to stadiums, hospitals to hotels, our commercial solutions work overtime to maximize performance and savings while minimizing upkeep and waste.


Wherever hygiene and compliance are top-of-mind, Sloan products are customized for exceptional patient experiences.


Durable. Low maintenance. Practical. Sloan solutions for schools and universities are as hard-working as they are money-saving.


Sloan welcomes guests with smart efficiencies that reduce consumption and upkeep, control hygiene, and enhance image.


Whether aesthetics, budget, or hygiene are your priority, Sloan corporate styles are designed for low maintenance and high tenant satisfaction.


United we stand on high-efficiency bathroom products that reduce costs and streamline operations in demanding public spaces.


Sloan delivers durability, cleanliness and, low-maintenance options to stand the test of time in high-traffic areas.


From museums to convention centers and beyond, Sloan products are as reliable as they are beautiful in high-traffic restrooms.