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Coahuila, Mexico

Amistad Industrial Group

A History of Sustainable Growth: Amistad Industrial Group
Amistad Industrial Group has boosted the industrial activity and the arrival of new investments into Mexico by offering high quality facilities within industrial areas to fulfill the demand of global and local companies, located strategically inside distribution centers that deliver auto parts, home appliances, aerospace parts, and more.

It is a construction firm of vertical integration and with diverse services that offers a wide range of development opportunities for industrial, logistic, and distribution operations for companies in Mexico, always with the commitment of giving high-quality service and reliability.

Without losing sight of the three pillars of the business: construction, manufacture, and real estate (since 1986), Amistad was founded in 1978 by Don Jesús María Ramón Valdés with the creation of the first industrial park in Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila.

In 2018 with the issue of Development Capital Certificates, Amistad entered and began operating with sustainable growth in the Mexican Stock Exchange, combining its financial capacity with its wide knowledge of the real estate market and the experience of the integral construction division.

44 years after its foundation, this family-owned and managed company has acquired more than 2.3 million square meters of industrial space that holds more than 161 world class companies and a little over 255 thousand jobs, both direct and indirect. It has also taken part in the construction of 16 industrial parks around the country, besides the construction of industrial areas, representing more than 3 thousand developed hectares.

Offering functionality, health, and water savings, Sloan products have met the quality standards of Amistad Industrial Group in each of the parks where they have presence.

Sloan, a good choice for the parks of Amistad Industrial Group

Commercial partner of Amistad Industrial Group since 2014, Sloan has been present in their parks around the country, granting a functional and integral industrial solution under important health and sustainability criteria.

The quality of Sloan products, the use of technology to save water, and the use of stations and sinks inside industrial plants have made it possible for Amistad, considered one of the top 5 most important industrial developers in Mexico and internationally renowned, to obtain LEED GOLD from Green Building Council and Smart Blue certifications for fulfilling their ecological norms.

Among the industrial parks in which Sloan has presence are Milwaukee, in Torreón, Coahuila; Ikano and Lennox Martinrea, in Ramos Arizpe, Saltillo, Coahuila and Mubea, in Celaya, Guanajuato, with the first installation of Sloan’s TruFlush anti-vandalism flushometer in Mexico.

For Amistad Industrial Park, not only is water savings important, but also the health and wellness of all of its patrons, including people with disabilities. For this reason, the combos WETS-2020.1001-1.28 installed in Milwaukee, in Torreón, were the ideal choice for the water closet rooms inside this important industrial park.

Sloan Combos WEUS-1006.1001-1.0 grant efficiency and water savings in the Milwaukee corporate, in Torreón, spending only 3.8 liters in every flush. Products that helped obtain LEED Certification in Amistad Industrial Park.

Hygiene, durability, and easy maintenance were key elements needed for the water closet rooms at Lennox Martinrea in Ramos Arizpe Industrial Park. The Sloan SF-2150 battery-powered faucets were the ideal choice, with a total use of 1.9 liters per minute, offering an important daily water saving in the park.

At Lennox, Sloan WES-4000 vitreous china waterfree urinals were also installed with a WES-150 hydraulic sealed cartridge that eliminates bad odors inside commercial restrooms.




Coahuila, Mexico

Products in this case study


ST-2029 Water Closet and ROYAL 111 Flushometer


SU-1009 Urinal and ROYAL 186 Flushometer


Sloan® Battery-Powered Deck-Mounted Low Body


Vitreous China Waterfree Urinal

“Thanks to Sloan products we have been able to obtain LEED Gold certification, as well as the compliant for Smart Blue Ecological Norm, which has enabled us to fulfill all the sustainability norms within all our facilities.”

Martín Rodriguez Vázquez

Shopping Department, Amistad Industrial Group