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Royal® Reclaimed Flushometer

A flushometer designed to withstand the harsh conditions of reclaimed water.

Reclaimed Water In A Commercial Setting

As drought-stricken regions around the country continue to face water shortages, municipalities are increasing the use of reclaimed water to help preserve potable resources. Long used for agricultural and ornamental landscape irrigation, reclaimed water is ideally suited for flushing toilets and urinals in a wide array of commercial facilities. Using reclaimed water in these applications can save thousands of gallons each year. However, using reclaimed water is not without its challenges. The higher chemical concentrations than potable water, reclaimed water can damage plumbing components that use yellow brass (high zinc content) and organic rubber, potentially leading to increased maintenance requirements and premature failure.

Designed for Reclaimed Water Systems

The Sloan® Royal® reclaimed water flushometer is engineered to withstand the harsh conditions reclaimed water presents.

Reclaimed Flushometer Diagram
    1. Notification

      Includes the required wall plate and a purple wall flange to let users know reclaimed water is in use.

    2. Synthetic Compounds

      All organic rubber has been replaced with synthetic compounds.

    3. The Color of Reclaimed

      Interior components are purple to let maintenance personnel know the flushometer is designed for reclaimed water.

    4. Critical Components

      Critical components, including cover, valve body, control stop and sweat solder kit, are made of semi-red brass.

    5. Interaction

      Optional purple handle provides additional indication of reclaimed water use.

Options to fit your needs for any application

The Sloan® Royal® reclaimed water flushometer is ideal for new construction or major retrofits with reclaimed water infrastructure.

Manual Closet Flushometer
ROYAL 111-1.28 RW

Manual Urinal Flushometer
ROYAL 186-0.5 RW
ROYAL 186-0.25 RW
ROYAL 186-0.125 RW

Sensor Closet Flushometer
ROYAL 111-1.28 SFSM RW

Sensor Urinal Flushometer
ROYAL 186-0.25 SFSM RW
ROYAL 186-0.125 SFSM RW

Sustainability and durability

If the specifications call for reclaimed water, look to the Royal® line of reclaimed water flushometers and rest assured that your sustainability efforts will withstand the test of time.

Royal® Reclaimed Downloads and Resources

Name Specification Sheet CAD Drawing BIM Model
ROYAL 111-1.28 RW
ROYAL 186-0.5/0.25/0.125RW
ROYAL 111-1.28 SFSM RW
ROYAL 186-0.5/0.25/0.125 SFSM RW

Reclaimed water is more aggressive than potable water in systems due to the chemical content of the water. Sloan® flushometers use a high copper, semi-red brass to withstand these harsh conditions, as opposed to a yellow brass that is higher in zinc, used by most other flushometer manufacturers.

Mike Gipson, Sloan® Flushometer Product Line Manager